Friday, April 4, 2008

Games, Silly Faces, and Ice Cream

I had to take K to the dentist yesterday. It is a HUGE ordeal for him, he is a nervous wreck. I try not to let him know ahead of time because he will literally worry himself sick. He is antsy and anxious and has to be sedated.

He accidently found out that he had a dentist appointment yesterday and all day long her worried and stressed. I told him if he cooperated, we would have an ice cream sundae when he was done (yes, I am aware that this is how he got cavities to start with LOL but what can I do?)

So he did really great, they left him on the "Silly Gas" the entire time, they put him in a room with a TV and let him watch Barnyard and he actually opened his mouth for the dentist (he must have really wanted that ice cream) although when the dentist was giving him the shot, he reached up, grabbed the dentists hand and yanked it, shot and all, out of his mouth. The tech said "Do you want to hold your mom's hand?" and he said "No, I want to hold yours, and batted his eyelashes at her. He is such a ladies man LOL So she held his hand and he was in love. He sat there with his hand on her knee the rest of the time. Silly kid.

Anyway, there was less than 45 minutes left of school by the time he was done, so we just came home. We played a game of "Trains" (Ticket to Ride) and ate ice cream and he talked about how I am his best mom and it's so nice and quiet without the brothers home.

I am not sure how he thought it was nice and quiet, the kid never stopped talking the entire time LOL He must get that from his Dad....yeah, that's it =0P


Robyn said...

Bwahahaha! That is SO funny about the dentist tech. I can see him doing that w/out using too much imagination. :D

Shanae said...

oooo... just seeing that look on his face makes my teeth cringe LOL Glad you both survived it!