Sunday, April 13, 2008

A Quick Hello

No real time to post today. My mom is getting new carpet in her house and has decided that she wants to paint first, that means we have two weeks to get her house cleaned out and painted before the carpet comes.

We spent all day yesterday cleaning out her family room which is a HUGE task because it is also her sewing room, their library, and their video library, they are huge book and movie collectors. But the family room is done except for the large furniture and today we start on the living room, thank heavens she is going to hold off on the kitchen for a while!

So yeah, I am about to drop dead from exhaustion and I have had no time to craft, although I am up to ten granny squares now YAY.

So I will leave you with this picture of a stunning sunset. I took this on the way home from Logan the other day, as we came out of the canyon the sun was bright orange, it had faded quite a bit before we got to the truck pull out and I could take the picture but it still turned out beautiful.

I call them beauty blessings. I see them as God's way of saying "Here is a little something just for you, I hope it brings a little joy to your day." God blesses me with beauty every day.

I think I am going to carry my camera around for a week and take a picture of at least one beauty blessing a day, anyone want to join me and post it on your blog?

If you do, leave a comment and I will make a blog post and link to your beauty blessings. I hope you join me and have a great week opening your eyes to the every day beauty around you.


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Kris said...

That is gorgeous! That really was a blessing to see and to capture such an awesome photo. See what you get for being an awesome daughter and helping your mom.
I wanna play in beauty blessings.. I'm crossing my fingers that I remember my camera. Thanks for an awesome challenge.