Monday, April 14, 2008

Songs for Libby

This is my beauty blessing for today. God's beauty doesn't always come in visuals.

Today we made our regular stop at the cemetery so that K could visit his Libby.

Libby is my DH's great aunt. I am not sure what that makes her to K, but he calls her Aunt Libby, or His Libby.

Libby was in the very advanced stages of Alzheimer's and had been in a rest home for nearly 18 years when K met her the first time. When I would go and visit her in her later years, she would look right through me, she didn't respond to me very much at all, but when the boys turned three and started their special needs pre-school I started taking K with me to visit while they were at school. She would come alive when he walked into the room, he was never afraid of her the way I expected he would be, he would climb up in her lap and sing to her and tell her stories and talk his little baby talk non-sense. They connected in a way I never imagined they would and it broke his heart when she died shortly after her 100th birthday.

She has been gone several years now and he still talks about her like he just saw her yesterday. My children love to decorate her grave and as the twins were running around collecting pine cones tonight, K sat beside her grave and sang songs to her and told her stories, just like he always did.

Sorry the picture is so bad, it was getting dark by the time we left.

Man I love this little boy. He just melts my heart.

This is a picture of Aunt Libby at her 100th birthday party, she saw K coming and she wanted to meet him half way.

But he rushed up and gave her a kiss and a love, then proceeded to monopolize her time and talk her ear off the rest of the afternoon LOL


Liz said...

I'm so glad they shared those special moments. They must have brought such joy to her days.

Anonymous said...

What a precious memory. I love the pictures. I'm so glad they shared such a wonderful bond.


Sondra said...

Oh this story touches my heart. My Gma has alzheimers and often looks right through me. I would love to witness something "bring her alive" again. You have a very special little man there!!

Kris said...

What a touching story! I love your beauty blessing for the day. I still haven't found one yet. I must not be looking hard enough.