Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Where does the time go?

Now that school is out, it seems I have no time to myself. I have so much to do and it's not getting done as quickly as I want it to.

My list
1- get the dang back yard weeded, this is a never ending project, I have a huge backyard full of flowerbeds and gravel paths to weed and it's never finished. By the time I make it from one end to the other, the weeds are 10" tall again *sigh*
2- get my craft room cleaned up. It is my dumping ground where things get tossed until I have time to deal with them. Unfortunately a few too many things have been tossed in there lately and you can barely get in the door.
3- the shop hop got me inspired, there are a million and one things I want to make, but I can't get started until I have my craft room cleaned.
4- my house, it's a wreck and it needs some serious spring cleaning. My blinds need washed, everything is dusty from the constant "Breeze" up here on the hill side and the construction of the new elementary school in the field down the street.
5- I need to get rid of some toys! That's all there is to it, this house is over run. And I need to go through the boys clothes and purge.

It's overwhelming the amount of work I have. I want to run away and pretend that if I leave the house for a few days the magic housework elves will come along and do it all for me, and I will come home to a nice, clean house.


Liz said...

When the elves are done at your house, send them my way - I am having the same summer here! For being home full time I sure am not getting much done!