Saturday, August 16, 2008

Everyone Loves A Parade

Today was our neighborhood bicycle parade. The kids meet at the top of the street and decorate their bikes, then ride a this way, that way route through the neighborhood to show of their decorating skills.

The only problem is...they told the adults the parade route, but no one bothered to tell the kids. So the kids took off riding and promptly got lost. It was an adventure.

Not only that, but people were trying to drive their cars through the middle of the parade. Ummmm HELLO if you see 500 kids on bikes, pull over for crying out loud, are you really in such a big hurry that you can't wait another three minutes?

We all ended up at a neighbor's house for ice cream, salt water taffy, and chatting.

Moving on...
One of my recent thrift store finds (the DI on 5600 W and 3100 S for Em's scrapbag who asked in my last entry) was a tin of Tinker Toys for $1.50. I snatched those right up. I have such fond memories of Tinker Toys. My boys didn't get it at first they said "All it is is sticks!" I said "These are what we played with before they invented KNex" that seemed to make things click into place for them and they immediately set off making crazy creations.

PK and K teamed up to make this swing set for their animals. They were so proud (As was I because originally I thought they had made it up themselves, but alas, they made it by looking at a picture on the container. I am still proud, but feeling cheated LOL)

We spent the rest of the day at Mom's house helping clean out their huge shed in the back yard (Shanae, aren't you glad you live an hour and a half away?). The huge shed that they claim is full of MY crap. Ummm out of that whole shed there was one box with my stuff in it and it was the size of a computer paper box. Yeah, try to tell me that shed is full of MY stuff again dad! LOL

The box had stuffed animals in it and I tried to throw it away but of course the boys rescued every single one of them when I wasn't looking grrrrrrr. One of the animals in there was the little Koala bear that Eric Garrison gave me for my birthday. I didn't find the jewelry box full of my Great Grandma's old jewelry though =0( Makes me sick that I can't find it. I will keep looking though!

After we were done with the shed mom and I got the fabrics all laid out and chosen for my nephew A's quilt. He was supposed to get it when he got baptised last month, but alas, mom had too much on her plate and is just now finding time to work on it. It is a train quilt and it is going to be SO CUTE, I can't wait to see it finished!