Friday, August 8, 2008

Good Morning

I have more to write about this week and my thoughts and experiences, but I need to not be sad for a little while so I am going to bypass that for now and share something cool I stumbled upon this morning.

You may have already seen this, but on the off chance that you haven't, I think it's really cool and I can't wait to try it.

Fusing plastic store bags for craft projects.

I think this is an awesome idea and I want to make some home made recycleable grocery bags. I would like to go green, but building up a large enough supply of grocery bags gets really expensive. This way, I can use the ones already in my closet and save myself the $1.99 a piece for the green bags. Yay!

Sadly this would never be possible with my regular sewing machine, the one I make my quilts on. But at the Thrift store last week I came across this little beauty. Solid metal body, Singer sewing machine. I thought "Hey, if it's metal, it must be heavy duty right?" so I bought it for $8 and took it to the repair shop for it's first check up. The man there sold me a foot pedal/power cord for $40 and then tested the machine out, said it looks brand new and he doesn't think it's ever even been used. It's in perfect shape and needs nothing done with it. I told him what I wanted it for and he said it will be a great little machine for what I need YAY. I bought this because I like to make my own purses but my little sewing machine HATES sewing through several layers of the thicker, home decor weight fabric. So now I have this one, I am so happy.

I also finally got around to taking a picture of my revamped vignette on top of the bird cabinet. It used to be two large silk plants up there (Blech) and I hated them, they were always dusty and it made this space seem so closed in. It looks much more open now and I really like it so much better. And of course it's a great way to show off my little quilt without just hanging it flat on the wall. I need to find something a little larger to put where the blue glass jar is, this cabinet is over 6 feet tall and you can't even see that blue glass jar from the ground (I took this picture standing on the coffee table LOL)


Liz said...

Very cute. I love it.

Robyn said...

Ok, that sewing machine is SOOO cool. I am so going to DI w/ you sometime. You come away w/ the coolest stuff. It was great talking to you tonight. And really- you don't know how much it meant to me that you came last Sunday.

Btw- youve been awarded on my blog

Jacquie said...

8 dollars...and a check up and a new sewing machine...what a great find!