Sunday, August 10, 2008

Lucey's Birthday

On Wednesday, Lucey's birthday, I got up and walked the boys to school. I am no longer acting as a crossing guard, the school put an end to it for liability reasons. They would rather let the kids cross a busy intersection on their own, than have an adult help them across and be liable for it *sigh*.

When I got home B was still in bed sleeping so I came downstairs and sat in the recliner and just meditated and bawled. When B got up he took me to lunch at Famous Daves (first time I have ever been there) and then we were going to go to a movie across the street. We went over and looked at what they had to offer and decided that nothing really appealed to us. (I wanted to see Mamma Mia but apparently B's compassion doesn't stretch so far as to include musicals *wink*). So we walked out to the car and we were approached by a man who said he was here, with his daughter, from a town about an hour away and somehow had lost his debit card and they didn't have the gas to get home again. He was on the phone with his wife and as we were walking up I heard him say "Honey, this is so humiliating". I felt bad for him but B said "Sorry, can't help you and walked away". Mostly because you can hardly go anywhere around here with someone coming up to you in a parking lot and asking for money. I felt bad because I felt that he was telling the truth and honestly didn't know what to do. As we walked past he sounded quite emotional on the phone and again told his wife that he is so embarrassed.

When we got to the van I took ten dollars from my purse and told B I would be right back because I had had a thought pop into my head that this could be Lucey's Birthday present. I am not sure if she whispered to me, or the holy ghost did, or if I am just crazy, but I felt that I needed to give money to this man. So I walked up to him with the thought in my head of this being my daughters gift and wouldn't you know it, as soon as I was standing before him I burst into tears. I felt like such an idiot. Poor guy, he was looking at me like I was insane and as I tried to hand him the money he said "Oh ma'am, I can't take this money from you, you keep it."

I don't know what he was thinking as he stood there looking at this sobbing mess in front of him but I told him no, it's my daughters birthday today and I can't give her a gift because she isn't here to give one to, so I am giving it to him in her name.

He stood there with his mouth opening and closing like a fish and kept saying "Oh thank you, God Bless you, oh that is so sad, and I am so sorry."

Poor man, I think he would rather have been stranded than be standing there with me LOL

And since this has gotten so long, I will save the rest of the day's events for later.

Hope you are all having a good day.