Tuesday, August 5, 2008

I'm ok

Thanks for the emails =0) Really I am doing ok. I have had a few teary moments the last few days but over all, a glorious numbness has settled over me. I am not happy, but I am not grief stricken either.

I had a teary moment standing in the cake mix isle at the grocery store. With my boys and B I know exactly what kind of cake mix to buy, I buy their favorite. Standing there today, I just couldn't decide what to buy. It was weird how that was so upsetting for me.

Also I have been having overwhelming fatigue the last few days. Maybe it's depression, who knows, but I have been really tired and hence easily drift off to sleep at a fairly early hour.

I have been having nightmares though, so not really getting restful sleep, but at least I don't lay awake till all hours of the night thinking KWIM? B says I have also been snoring really badly. My doctor wants me to have my enormous tonsils removed, but I'm a wuss and I can't stand the idea of another surgery, so I am holding off on that one. I do think I have another sinus infection though, and that coupled with the tonsils means no sleep for poor B.

The good news is, B took the day off from work tomorrow to hang out with me. He is talking about going to a movie while the boys are at school and maybe doing something as a family tomorrow night.

I hope you all have a good day tomorrow. I hope I do too.