Friday, September 12, 2008


I think they put Crack in Chips Ahoy!

I don't buy them often, maybe once or twice a year because seriously, they call to me with a sirens song and I can NOT leave them alone until they are gone. I have made myself sick with a Chips Ahoy overdose and yet I still go back. I have to rush past that isle in the grocery store with my eyes closed, fingers firmly in my ear singing LA LA LA so I won't hear their call or see their shining light.

My second weakness...Doughnuts, just ask my extra wide behind, it will be happy to share all the gruesome details of my love afair with doughnuts. The worst part is...the school where I work is right down the street from the very best doughnut bakery EVER! They have these incredible chocolate iced fried cinnamon rolls. It's all I can do not to "Drop in" when I go to work. I have to conciously remind myself that I am working toward a healthier life style.

My third weakness-Bread. I love bread. I love it. Sourdough is my favorite, especially toasted with turkey and lettuce on it. I love french bread, I love rolls, I LOVE bread bowls filled with hot steamy cream of broccoli soup.


So the point of this is...I have a friend who's brother is a drug addict and an alcoholic. He has caused so much pain for her family and she says she just waits for the phone to ring and tell her his addictions have finally brought the end of his life. I mourn for her as she tells me that for the sake of her own family, she has had to cut him out of her life. His neediness, dependency and the dishonest actions brought on by his need for the next hit has caused too much heartache. She can't allow her family to be victims any longer and I understand that. My heart is sad for her because she still loves him so dearly despite his mistakes and poor choices.

She says that most people just don't get it, they think that he should be able to go to rehab and be all better, but it just doesn't work that way. You don't overcome addictions like that, they haunt you forever. Even IF you do have the incredible strength to break the act of abusing drugs and alcohol, the addiction will always be there, calling to you, urging you to partake. I can't go a whole year without Chips Ahoy, how could I ever expect someone to go without something their body is physically addicted to.

Hmmm maybe there really IS crack in Chips Ahoy *Wink* that would explain so much.

Edited to add- I am in NO WAY trying to make light of addictions. Just simply trying to say that I am so weak I can't even control my cookie consumption so I can't begin to imagine how difficult it is to break a "Real" addiction. Please don't misunderstand.


windycorner said...

I'm with you on the bread issue, it's irresistable. My favorite is challah toasted with blue cheese. I've got the chocolate chip cookie thing under control, but Christmas cookie time is coming soon.
So sorry to hear about your friend and her brother. My brother in law put us through that hell for many years before he passed away. I was under strict orders from my husband to call the police if he ever showed up at our door because our lives were in danger. Drugs and alcohol had turned him into a monster. Sorry to get so serious but your friend needs everyone's prayers.