Sunday, September 28, 2008


Yesterday we went for a drive to see the leaves. We went up East Canyon and at the overlook as I was walking around taking pictures a car pulled in, I glanced up and thought "Hey, that looks like Aunt B", then I thought "Hey, that IS Aunt B!"

We had a great little chat with Aunt B and Uncle Russ, we don't see them nearly enough as we would like to.

As we went on, we took the boys down to East Canyon Dam. We talked about this beautiful place being the place where Kenna (Their cousin) earned her angel's wings. The boys asked lots of questions about her accident, we talked about what happens after we leave this earth. We talked about Lucey, and eternal families. We said a prayer for Kenna and Lucey and went on our way.

We drove down through Morgan and up through Como Springs. We saw this beautiful church that had sadly burned. I think someone had converted it into a house. It's sad to see something so beautiful destroyed, but there is also beauty in it's current state.

As we were coming home we got another "Phone Call". I have experienced a few of these in my life and I don't ever want to experience another. Thankfully we had a better outcome yesterday than in previous times. The phone call was to tell us that Kenna's sweet little sister Mia had been struck by a car on her bike. My heart instantly went to Mia's parents who have already buried one child and how devastating it must be to have to face the loss of a second precious daughter. Kim and Bryce sat in their car at an intersection in their small town and had to witness this accident, to see their baby's body fly up over a car and land on the ground. I can't even process the thought of having to see that. But Mia is very blessed to have a big sister, and a cousin in heaven, along with grandparents, and many others who love her, who took her in their arms and set her down safely on the other side of the car. She has minor injuries, scrapes and bruises. She is whole and safe and we feel so very blessed for the life of this precious girl who warms our hearts and brings joy to our souls.

Thank you Heavenly Father for sending angels to watch over Mia.

I took this picture of Mia in 2004, so it's not current, but it's my favorite =0)


Helena said...

Amazing. I'm so glad she wasn't hurt.

Liz said...

Those pictures are amazing Thank God she is OK. I can't even imagine how you must have felt when you got that call! Hugs to you.

The Yeates said...

HI... Don't you just love fall... for the short time it lasts.

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