Friday, September 5, 2008

Moments that melt your heart...or make it skip a beat

I don't know what it is, but there is just something about B spending quality time with the boys that melts my heart. PK is B's mini me. PK follows him around like a puppy dog and always has. When B is building furniture PK is right there along side him measuring things with his tape measure and making notes on his little notepad just like his dad.

So it follows suit that when B started working on the model car of his dreams PK would be working right along side him on his own model car. PK is building his very first model car, it's a race car that I got at the thrift store, new in box, for $1. He is having so much fun and feels so grown up to be doing something like this with his dad.

But after the boys' bedtime, the real fun starts. B is building a Pocher Mercedes 540K Classic Roadster 1/8 scale. This car is HUGE and beyond detailed. The model kits sold for around $200 brand new (About 15 years ago) and the same one B is building sold recently for $2,000 on ebay. B got his kit at my favorite thrift store for $10!

So far he has more than 30 hours invested in this car and he almost has the engine done. You read that right, after 30 hours, he is still working on just the engine. I swear this thing is so detailed that if you were to put a few drops of gasoline in it, you could drive it. Parts buried inside the engine, parts you will never see again, are acurate and detailed. It's crazy! And B is loving every minute of it. Roughly every 15 minutes or so he holds up this thing, that looks like a hunk of plastic with wires to me, and says "Isn't this so cool? This is so awesome, how come you haven't blogged about it yet?" (Now I know how B feels when I show him quilt blocks LOL). I guess it's one of those things that only guys (and a few select females) would find a thing of beauty.

So here we sit, spending our evenings together, me playing on the computer, or sewing, and B hunched over his table painting and gluing teeny tiny parts to make a true to life version of a 1936 Mercedes engine. I have enjoyed the time spent together but it's killing me off. He gets so into his work that he will stay up 'til one or two am without batting an eye and I have taken to going to bed before him because I just can't stay up that late and still be able to get up with the kids in the morning.

So last night, it's about 11:30 and I shut my computer down, tell B I am headed for bed and he says "K, I will be there in a minute" (Yeah honey, not holding my breath LOL) and then I hear this shocked "OH!" followed quickly by "Grab me a Kleenex, fast!"

I turn around and Bam, my heart skips a beat, B is holding his hand and there is blood pouring from it. I grab a couple tissues and wrap his finger and say "Yep, that will need stitches" and run upstairs to wake the boys. I am hoping we can make it to Instacare before they close at midnight.

Get the kids dressed and we rush out the door, and of course, we get there at 10 minutes to 12 but they are already closed for the night. So we set off for the ER. We get there and get checked in and the waiting room is empty. But as the minutes go by it fills up and since we are there for a cut, we are pretty much at the bottom of the totem pole.

To make things last a little longer, they are worried that B might have knicked the bone which would then make his wound an open fracture so we need X-rays. But two ambulances have just rolled in and we have to wait for the urgent needs to be taken care of first. So we wait....and wait....and wait... The boys are tired and cranky so I give up around 1:30 and take them to my mom's house and put them to bed then head back to the hospital. B still hasn't been X-rayed by the time I get back.

So we wait...and wait... but at least there is something good to watch on TV. We watched a program on the Discover channel about Tornadoes.

Finally we get to X-ray, thankfully the bone is whole, so he gets stitches. Are you ready for this? B stabbed his exacto knife ALL THE WAY THROUGH his finger! He has 3 stitches on the back of his finger and an open hole on the pad. They didn't stitch that one because they want the fluid to be able to drain.

And I will just leave you with that visual LOL have a great weekend!


The Yeates Clan said...

That hurt! You can have war wound stories to exchange with Bryce next family party. He sliced his leg open with a chain saw.

em's scrapbag said...

So sorry my son did something simular while making a pine wood derby car. We refer to his scar as the pine wood derby scar.

The Yeates said...

yikes... never a dull moment.. hope all is well by now

Robyn said...

YUCK! That sucks! I hope he feels better soon.