Thursday, September 4, 2008

Auction Items Mailed Out

To the winners of the auction items, I mailed your things out today. I know I said Tuesday but I had one of those weeks where the world conspired against me and I didn't get them out Tuesday.

So, expect them in the next seven days or so. I hope you love them and give you years of smiles as you collect the teeth of your little ones.

By the way, I wrote a funny blog entry about the tooth fairy once. You should check it out, it's good for a giggle or two =0) Click here--> Random Thoughts on the Yahoo! smiley and the tooth fairy.


Jennifer said...

Ha ha! Loved the tooth fairy bit. You're right-it is a bit disturbing!
I'm instituting Potty Training Boot Camp today! Wish me luck!

em's scrapbag said...

Your toothfairy tail is great. If you figure out what that signal is let me know. The toothfairy is terrible at making it here too.