Wednesday, October 1, 2008

I think I am going to throw up!

And sadly, it has nothing to do with the flu I am currently battling.

Photo Credit Deb Roby

I had to run to the store last night because PF needed something for a school project and I took a short cut through the kitchen needs isle. As I was passing the plastic spoons, measuring cups and strainers I saw something that terrified me!

My head began to swim, I felt faint, I broke out in a cold sweat. Please no! Say it isn't so!

The new "Up and coming" colors are apparently Olive, Rust, and Gold. don't you feel like throwing up too?

Photo credit sugarpie honeybunch

Maybe it's because I am a child of the 70's and grew up in an Olive, Rust, and Gold home surrounded by macrame owls and spotted mushrooms frolicking in forest glens. I have to wonder, is this really a look that people like? It's so dark, and dreary. I am so happy right now with the recent color trends. I LOVE the bright reds, aquas and greens. I am happy here.

There was a REASON everyone was depressed in the 70's! All the colors were so dark it was living in a cave! OH MY GOSH! I just had another horrifying thought! What if the resurect panneling?????

photo credit Tom Smith

I am ill, I need to go to bed and put a cold wash cloth on my head. Wake me when this is all over and decent colors return!


Becky K said...

I don't mind the colors. I actually love the burnt orange that is in right now! But I know what you are talking about; it just seems "different" from the way it used to be. But it's probably the same!

I hope you feel better! Just keep those eyes averted.... ;)

The Yeates said...

oh no... if you come over I may have to get you a bucket... our addition is olive (cameron green) and brownish.. (atlantic sand) Z calls it baby &^%* our kitchen is three colors of brown with black counters.... but keep an open mind tell you see it. I promise there are no spotted mushrooms

em's scrapbag said...

Grew up in the same era. Your post made me laugh.

Shanae said...

Maybe I shouldn't paint that paneling in the family room yet...

jacquie said...

remember those mushrooms are hallucinogens. stay in bed, keep your eyes closed and think happy colors!