Sunday, November 30, 2008

continuing gratitude

I am going to continue my gratitudes through Christmas because the past month has been so busy and I haven't had the chance to say everything I wanted to say.

Today I want to say...I'm grateful for this guy. My husband B.

I am grateful for the man he is. I am glad that I am usually aware of what a good man he is, sometimes I take him for granted. I won't say he's a saint because he's not, and I like him better for his flaws. I have to admit that sometimes he irritates the crap out of me (Usually on purpose too which is even more annoying :D)but for the most part he is a terrific man!

He is a wonderful dad. He never complains about sharing the load, he always got up with the boys at night, never complained about changing diapers, never complained about spending a day with the kids to give me some grown up time. He likes to spend time with his kids and he teaches them so much of what they will need to know to be men.

He's very handy. All I have to do is give him a very rough sketch of what I want and he can build it, or make it for me(see picture). He can also fix just about anything and can build a computer from spare parts. He can fix a car, finish a basement, recover furniture, build an outbuilding, tile a floor, you name it, this guy can do it, he is a good guy to have around in a pinch.

He has spent more than his fair share of time sitting next to hospital beds, usually mine, sometimes the boys'.

He works hard and provides for our family.

He encourages me.

He loves to learn new things and is happiest when he is actively learning something.

He is supportive of my hobbies, he has always made sure that I had money to buy what I needed and the space to be able to work on the things I loved.

He cooks all the food and does the laundry, that right there makes him wonderful :D

He puts up with my crap.

He tells me skinny women aren't attractive.

He climbs mountains.

He helps me with the Christmas shopping.

Sometimes he even laughs at my lame jokes.

He takes me for drives and doesn't complain when I ask him to pull over 423 times so that I can take a picture.

He rocks the Christmas lights (More on that coming soon)

He pulls up my three trillion dead flowers every fall so that I don't have to.

He loves Disney Land as much as I do.

He's very competitive.

He's too serious.

On the rare occasion that he lets go and really truly laughs, it rights all the wrongs in my world.

He has the cutest grin when he's being sneaky.

He is a keeper, and I'm glad he's mine.


The Yeates said...

that is very sweet I hope he reads this

Becky K said...

He does rock the christmas lights! Literally, eh? ;)

Liz said...

I hope he realizes how special he is to you.