Friday, November 21, 2008


I am grateful for this little lad. My youngest son K.

He was our unexpected blessing, coming along when we least expected him, giving us a bit of a run for the money. We nearly lost him and we are so very glad he is still here with us.

I nursed him, and I loved it. I cherished those quiet hours, late at night, when everyone else was asleep and it was just he and I, alone in the silence.

He slept in a bassinet by my bedside and I adored the sweet little squeaky sounds he made sucking on his fingers.

He is compassionate, and empathetic. He is the first one to crawl into your lap and snuggle you when you are feeling sad. He loves deeply and grieves with his whole heart.

He misses Lucey and is probably the only one who openly talks about her. Sometimes I wonder if he remembers her, from before earth.

He has a severe youngest child complex. He expects people to take care of him, to wait on him, and pamper him. He tells people he can't do things because he's too young.

He hates that he is not a twin.

He has the most beautiful big brown eyes.

He hates that his hair is turning brown, he wants it to stay blond.

He has a sidekick named Jack, they go everywhere together, he has even been known to sneak Jack to school in his backpack.

His favorite color is Orange and if he had his say, every single thing he owned would be orange.

He has the insane belief that if you are mad at him, you must hate him, no matter how much I try to convince him otherwise.

He always laughs at my lame jokes.

He has the most darling cheesy grin.

He is abominably lazy. If he can find a way of getting out of work, he will.

He inhales his food. Sometimes I don't even think he chews it.

He is a total Momma's boy

I adore him with my whole being and I am so very glad that he's my son and I get to wake up and see him, and spend time with him, every single day.


Super Sly said...

He looks so handsome in his suit. What a great kid. We always loved playing with and "teasing" him.

Liz said...

He looks and sounds like a wonderful young man.

The Yeates said...

I have always enjoyed him... he is darling and getting so big

Robyn said...

Funny that you posted this today. I decided today that I'm going to do a whole blog post about Xander here soon. You have great kids. And K's fav color is a great choice. That's why he and I get along so well.

momofa2e said...

He's adorable and sounds like he's a lot of fun.

Billy Bob Bambino Bombabious Baby the Third said...

Great pic! He looks like he's up to something... Maybe plotting his next world domination plan... :-)

Great post also. I am heartened to hear people say good things about their kids... And you have such good ones...

heidi1472 said...

He is such a handsome kiddo, as are the twins. You have a lot to be thankful for! What a great tribute to him too. Can't wait to see the twins'. :)

Heidi said...

What a handsome boy! I love the color of his shirt & tie.