Thursday, December 4, 2008

Ramblings of an insomniac

It's just after 3 am and sleep eludes me. As I was lying there in the dark I was pondering, of all things, the five senses. Wondering if I had to go without one, which one would I chose?

It wasn't even really much of a debate for me.

Losing my sight would be a devestating blow, not only would it rob me of the beautiful faces of the people I love, it would take away all of my hobbies. You can't quilt, scrapbook, crochet...any of those without sight. Luckily I would still be able to read, so I would have one thing left, but never being able to see my children's faces again would be a staggering loss.

Losing my hearing, is second to sight. Sound is such an important part of my life. My children's laughter, trickling water, rain, the ocean, I would miss them all. I wouldn't be able to close my eyes and let myself be enveloped by music. Music sings to my soul and has been such a huge part of my life. What would I do if I could never again hear the 1812, The Messiah, Rachmoninoff? Or the most precious sound of all "I love you mommy". How could I live without that?

Touch... What would I do if I couldn't sit with a child's sweet head in my lap and feel their silky hair as it runs through my fingers? Feel little wet kisses as they are rained over my face, hands, arms? Feel the breath of my sleeping son blowing softly on my cheek. The cold feeling of fingernail polish as it goes on my fingers is one of my favorite sensations. And what if I couldn't feel the needle grasped between my fingers and that singular sensation of a thread popping through fabric? Although I have to admit I wouldn't so much miss the feeling of crumbs as I walk across the kitchen floor barefoot, because no matter how often or thoroughly I sweep, I never seem to get them all.

Taste I would sacrifice partially as a secondary loss due to the sense I chose to sacrifice. I think I would chose to sacrifice smell and that will inhibit my sense of taste, but really it's more like a double bonus. My nose is ultra sensitive and it seems that I smell more bad things than good. A stuffy nose is a relief to me because I am not constantly being assaulted by unpleasant scents. My world would be a happier place without the overwhelming aromas filling my world (most of them boy related, who knew boys were such smelly creatures?)

And taste I think I could sacrifice as a partial loss, usually I am in too much of a hurry to taste what I'm eating anyway, and the things I do relish the taste of, I am better off without. Maybe if I couldn't taste, I would finally be skinny!

So yeah, these are the deep thoughts that keep me awake at night. Aren't you glad I shared? I can see you rolling your eyes even now =0)


The Yeates said...

you are so funny... now go take a nap