Saturday, November 1, 2008

I am NOT management material!

Back before I became a mom my boss tried for over a year to get me to be a manager. I kept turning her down because I don't like being the boss, I don't like being the one in charge. I like to be responsible for myself, and making sure my own work is done, I do not like being the one who has to make sure that everyone else is doing their job. I am not management material!

But, one day I caved and took the job. Every morning I cried getting ready for work because I hated my job so bad. I would literally make myself sick every time we had to have a disciplinary meeting. I don't like giving bad news, I don't like reprimanding people, I just want to do my thing and let someone else be in charge of making sure everyone else is doing theirs.

Which brings me to my latest fiasco. The PTA president asked me to be in charge of the Halloween carnival at the school this year. And for all intents and purposes it wasn't that big of a deal, everyone did really well on making sure their part of it was done on time and that they had everything they needed but my own fears got in the way. What if the kids hated it, what if their parents weren't happy, what if something horrible happened? What if what if what if what if....

(K making "Slime")

So, by the day of the carnival I had managed to make myself absolutely SICK. I was having anxiety attacks, I was sick to my stomach and just feeling generally crappy. I tried my best to see it through but around 11:30 my PTA president got tired of me looking faint and slightly green and ordered me to go home.

(Our FABULOUS Principal, seriously we love her! and her incredible office staff, can't say enough good things about them!)

I came home and slept most of the day while B carved pumpkins with the boys. I got up and managed to take the boys trick or treating for a bit, then over to mom's for Chili (Which I didn't eat for fear my stomach would strongly rebel) and poor B headed off to work. Then home and back to bed by 8:30 where I was very rudely awakened by teenagers knocking on my door at 10:00 PM. How annoying.

(If I didn't know how much food this kid could pack away, I would seriously doubt that anyone ever fed him, look at those ribs! Good heavens! And this isn't even the "Skinny" twin *sigh*)

Today I am feeling much better, although still mildly panicky, like something is looming over me that is about to come crashing down, but all in all feeling MUCH better now that this whole thing is over.

(Poor K accidentally drew his face on my pumpkin then burst into tears because he thought I would be mad at him. Poor kid, he has such a tender heart.)

The carnival happily seemed to be a huge hit. I had tons of parents come and tell me how much they loved it and how great it was, everyone pointed out that the kids all seemed to be having a fabulous time. We had games, crafts, and cookie decorating and more candy than Wal-Mart. And I am so unbelievably glad it's OVER!!!! I am not good at being in charge!

(PK and dad working out the details)

I hope everyone had an awesome and safe Halloween! The weather was beautiful here we didn't even need jackets, this is the first Halloween in years that we haven't practically frozen to death trying to trick-or-treat. It was so nice! Not even any snow.

(PF as Men In Black (Wonder where his tie went?), K as a practically invisible Darth Vader, and PK as a cowboy.)


Liz said...

I am the same way- I get panicky and sick to my stomach when I am worried. I'm glad to hear you are feeling better.

Jean said...

Looks like you had a great Halloween. Love the pic of the boys all sitting on the same sofa, watching a movie...that's priceless!

The Yeates said...

the kids look great... love the indiana jones pic... lol

Super Sly said...

Halloween is AWESOME! Now comes two more holidays to stress about. :)