Friday, December 5, 2008

Introducing....Bojo tck tck

Meet my son PF....I mean, Bojo tck tck (pronounced boJO tck tck and must be pronounced with fingers pinched next to mouth for full "French" effect).

Bojo is going to grow up to be "A famous French fry chef! (I think he means sou chef, but what do I know, and are sou chefs every really famous or just the grunt who does all the work but never gets the credit? Anyway, I digress). The cooking bug has bitten this boy hard. Every day he begs me to let him make something in the kitchen and he has inspired me to write a blog tutorial for nine year olds everywhere on how to bake the perfect brownie.

#1-Crack the eggs into the bowl, actually try to hit the bowl because mom tends to freak out when you drop it all over the floor. In such a case (not that Chef Bojo would know mind you) you hurry and wipe it (Aka smear it) off the floor before mom sees, rinse out the bowl because you got a little exuberant cracking that first egg, and begin again. This time carefully and not so sharply, crack the egg and pour it into the bowl. Be careful that you extract all the crunchy bits because no one likes crunchy bits in their brownies!

#2- Carefully measure your liquids, brownies don't turn into brownies if there is too much liquid (Nor do pumpkin pies, just ask Aunt Shanae *Wink* (Sorry Shanae, it slipped, I couldn't help myself)).

#3- Add dry ingredients (In this case mom cheated and used a mix because she can only deal with so much in one day) and mix well, batter will be slightly lumpy. You may have to put your back into it, this stuff is THICK!

#4- Place into the oven and set timer, then stand and stare through the window on the oven for the next 18 minutes.

#5- Sneak a lick of the batter before mom has a chance to say "Don't eat that, it has raw eggs in it!" Make sure to get some on your nose, it tastes better that way.

#6- When the timer goes off, carefully remove and check with a toothpick to make sure they're done.

#7- Sprinkle one half with mom gets frustrated and chucks a fist full on there, then place back in oven long enough to melt marshmallows, then remove and you're done! Hooray.

Kids at home, if you follow these simple instructions, you too can grow up to be a famous French fry chef, just like Bojo tck tck and cook exotic foods like Mac & Cheese, and brownies from a box, it's something to aspire to!


Super Sly said...

That is AWESOME!!!

The Yeates said...

that is fun...

Anonymous said...

Mmmm! Those sound yummy!

The Yeates said...

hi.... lights are still pretty they wont realize the difference... but you will

jacquie said...

who gets the marshmallow side? great job!