Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Drama at the race track!

(K's car is the bright orange on the far side, Pk's is the bright yellow, and Pf's is the black clear back there in the rear)

So tonight was our annual Pinewood Derby races. We had 27 cars involved, K and PK both made it to the top 16 (Ended in 11th place), K made it to the top eight.

He missed the top four by .014 of a second, how crazy!

Check this out, this car got the exact same time three races in a row! The guy who runs the track just kept yelling "Look at that! That is statistically IMPOSSIBLE!" But apparently it isn't LOL)

In the end, the car that won first place was disqualified because somehow between the initial weigh in, and the end weigh in it gained .2 ounces which put it over the legal weight limit, which bumped K up to fourth place and he was devastated that he didn't get a ribbon.

The poor kid who had the disqualified car was heart broken. He was afraid everyone would think he cheated (We don't). He had a really cool car, it looked like a Wii Remote and it was FAST! He consistently left everyone in the dust. I told him his car was really awesome, and it was sad that it was disqualified but that I was proud of him, it was an awesome race.

(K with his car feeling proud before the realization set in that 4th place doesn't get a ribbon)

The mom of the disqualified kid was quite upset and wanted us all to remember that these are just nine year old boys, and what's the big deal, it's not like we were racing for money etc. But I have to disagree, they are nine year old boys, and they are scouts. Scouting is all about honesty and integrity and honor and I believe the leaders did the right thing in disqualifying the over weight car. I'm sad that the boy's feelings were hurt, it's unfortunate that things turned out that way.

(PK with his ribbon for 3rd place, Most Original "It's the fin baby")

So...K came in fourth by a smidge, and PK got a third place ribbon for "Most Original". Poor PF... He limped in in 20th place but his little car had a bent axle. He learned a valuable lesson this year as well. We told him that the snotty tone he uses when he speaks to us is unacceptable and if he continued to be snotty, he wouldn't get to make a new car this year. He now understands that his attitude cost him the race. I'm glad he at least "Got it".


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