Sunday, February 1, 2009

Happy Birthday Mom!

Today is my mom's birthday.

Man, I love her so much! She is ALWAYS there for me, no matter what, even when I am sure she would rather shake me and say "What on earth is your problem???"

She has endless patience for me, even when I have no patience for myself.

I get my craftiness from her, she has taught me everything I know, except for scrapbooking, that came from Shanae =0)

She hangs out at the hospital with me (And everyone else who needs her)
She lets me stay with her when my babies come home from the hospital.
She feeds us wonderful food every Sunday, and often during the week too.
She makes the best gravy!
She spends far more of her hard earned money on my family than she should.
She is loyal to a fault.
She is one of the hardest workers I have ever known.
She is there when you need her, no matter what.
She always has fruit roll ups, and cookies for the grandkids.
She has been a powerhouse of efficiency whenever I have had to move.
She plays Skipbo with me every Sunday.

I just don't know how to say everything that I admire and love about my mom. I was given the best.

It always makes me sad to hear of people talk about their bad relationships with their parents because I know, and I never forget, how truly blessed I am to have the parents that I have.

I love you Mom, Happy Birthday!


Shanae said...

Yep, we have the best mom EVER!!! Wish I lived closer so I could hang out with you and mom (and dad LOL).

Shanae said...

Oh, and that is a great picture of mom!

Melissa said...

Happy belated Birthday to our favorite aunt Marilyn! I agree that moms are the best thing ever! I just hope my kids say some of the nice things about me that you just said about your mom. :)

Super Sly said...

Happy Belated Marilyn!!!