Saturday, February 14, 2009

Meet Slurpee

This is Slurpee, he's the newest member of the family. K got to name him.

We were all feeling a little down in the dumps after Charlotte's demise and missed having a little critter to watch and enjoy. We all agreed that the next little pet would not be a spider, just a little too skeevy for us. We discussed getting a frog, because frogs are fairly low maintenance and we found a habitat on clearance at Wal-Mart a month or so ago.

Today we went to the pet store for fish food and they had fire bellied toads on sale for $2.99 so B and I decided it would be our Valentine gift for the boys (He is red underneath you know.

I encouraged the man at the pet store to let the boys know that fire bellied toads release a toxin that is a strong irritant to the skin and eyes, because I didn't want the boys trying to reach in and mess with the frog. He didn't get it though, because when PF asked if he could hold him, he said "Oh yeah, you can hold them and play with them, just wash your hands REALLY well afterward" *Sigh* definitely immune to the look of death which this mother was shooting at him.

Hmmmm maybe Slurpee is a girl, she DOES have lovely red fingernails and toenails *Wink*


Liz said...

He he he. I can just see you shooting daggers at the boy at Wal-mart....

Jeanette said...

Actually the guy was at the pet store, not walmart, but he was totally oblivious to my lazer beam of death. Big dork!

So now my kids are begging to hold the toad because "He said we can hold him as long as we wash our hands afterward" *Sigh*