Friday, March 13, 2009

Random Photos

Some random pictures that I took today... just because I am feeling too emotional to blog about anything else.

This first one is a sure sign that we have one more big snow storm coming. The 3" we got last week didn't kill the crocus, so that wasn't the end of it. Every year my crocus bloom and then we get nailed and the snow kills my flowers.

The bird house right after B got finished cleaning it out. I love the way the birds sit patiently and wait for him to finish. On the odd occasion that they do fly out, they fly right back in again. Too bad the toad isn't so happy to return to his happy habitat all on it's own. I love this cabinet, I think it's one of my favorite pieces of furniture. B did such a beautiful job on it and it is exactly what I had pictured when I told him what I wanted.

This beautiful child that forgets how to be happy. See those creases in his eyebrows? They are always there. I wish I knew how to lighten his spirit. It makes me sad to see him this way.

This sweet baby girl who lives across the street. I love that she is happy and that even though I don't get to see her very often, she lets me hold her and doesn't even scream when this out of practice mommy of older kids does a terrible job of putting on her jammies.

A touching and thoughtful gift for a mother with a broken heart.

The Red Baron seconds before he wiped out the neighbor's Christmas Lights (Oops)

The street racer seconds before he blew out his whole front end.

Sorry dude, that's it for today, no more racing.


Valori said...

Thanks for sharing the pictures those are fun!!!! I love the birds cabnet!!! What a great idea!