Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Pillow Cases

Well, I had the best of intentions, I really WAS going to make the boys sew their own pillow cases, and PF got mostly done with his, he only had one side left to sew closed, and then my little Singer started freaking out. So, I finished PF's and made the other two so they could have them to sleep on tonight.

They were so excited about their new pillow cases they ran up to bed as soon as I finished snapping pictures.

Maybe I should make new pillow cases EVERY day :D

So, here they are, and remember, the boys picked out their own fabric!

First of all the twins, it is obvious they are trying to move away from "Juvenile" things and trying to be more "Cool" now that they are big, mature, ten year olds.

For PF, it's all about the camo! If it were up to him, everything he owned, including his shoe laces, would be camouflage! I tried to talk him into black for the border but he said no, he couldn't decide which camo to go with, so he used both. (I HATE CAMOUFLAGE!!!!)

PK is all about the vintage muscle cars, and these blue flames look just like the paint job on a car at the car show. It was an instant decision for him! He also loved the print of the black fabric, it looks like lava rock.

K's choice is my favorite, though he is only 13 months younger than his brothers, he doesn't seem to have that compelling urge to grow up by tomorrow. He's not afraid to like things that are a little more cartoony and of course the combination of race cars (Which is a recent development for him since he teacher last year was BIG into racing and talked about it a lot) and orange won his little boy heart over. He was so excited to get it, and SWORE it would never come off his pillow...ever! We can hope! Anything is better than looking at his nasty pillow!


**MIGNONNE** said...

I love them all. You are a great mom. Like I said, my kids get cheap pillowcases from Ikea. :-D

Candice said...

Very cute! Where did you get the fabric?

Julie said...

They are so cute! And what good fabric pickers they are!

The Young Family said...

Suoer cute!

Shanae said...

Tell K he has awesome taste, from another lover of orange :) S has the same love of camo... blech LOL I like the blue flames.

Liz said...

I also hate camo, but if my son picked it I would go ahead and use it too.

Janet said...

Hi Jeanette, thanks for visiting me, I couldn't reply since your down as no reply blogger so I just had to come and visit. Funny you should be posting about Pillowcases since I've just been talking about them yesterday. I need to have a go! You have a lovely blog and have made some great projects. Try Piece o Cake for beginning applique projects. Big pieces are the way to go.