Sunday, September 27, 2009

Why do I do this to myself?

Every year as I am killing myself making costumes for ungrateful little boys I SWEAR to myself that this is the last time I will hand make their Halloween costumes!

Then the next year comes around and I look at the cheaply made, gory, CRAP that is available commercially and find myself saying "Well, maybe one more year..."

The truth is, it's worth it to me if I can hold off one more year on the blood spurting masks, the gory weapons with fake blood, the incredibly overdone Scream mask...

I know it's only a matter of time before my boys no longer think it's cool to wear a handmade costume. The day will come when they will want to compete with their friends for the grossest, most disgusting costume.

Until then, I will break out my needle and thread and help them be something a Musketeer.


Julie said...

One day they will look back and think what a great mom they had! But don't ever give them away I wish I had keep all of the one I had made so my grandkids could wear them!!!

Liz said...

Hooray for homemade costumes! I agree - keep them. My son is only five and I have all of his. Even he loves looking at them and remembering Halloweens past.

Anonymous said...

Awesome Detail!!