Friday, October 16, 2009

More UFO's

I am counting this as a UFO because I bought the big round box and the paper's to decoupage it almost six months ago.

I bought the box to hold all of my large, seldom used utensils like the big soup ladels and the pie server. My utensil drawer is tiny and I got so tired of fighting all the time to get to the spoons and spatulas that I actually use. The only bad thing is...they don't fit in the box either *Sigh*

But, the good thing is, the box is the perfect size to hold my pressed glass water goblets, that I got at the thrift, and will only get used on special occasions (Please pardon the price tags and hard water from the previous owner, I haven't cleaned them up yet). They are safely tucked away and I don't have to worry about them getting chipped or broken by my overly enthusiastic little boys.

This looks so much better up above the black cabinet in the kitchen than the plain old cardboard color. It's so perky and happy don't you think?

And since I had all the stuff out anyway... I decoupaged two little signs for some co-workers. They are doing that little "Boo" thing at school where someone gives you a secret little treat, and then you have to "Boo" someone else by leaving them a little treat. I figured rather than candy, which there is already plenty of this time of year, I would do things a little different and make them something. I love how these turned out and can't wait to make one for myself! I hope the ladies at work love them!

And in farewell, a picture of our beautiful sunset last night.


Julie said...

I like the box and I have that red tin. Cute signs!

Candice said...

Very cute Jeanette! You know what I love about your house? Is you have these cute hidden treasures all around. :) I want my house to be like that!

Sarah said...

Are those glasses aqua? or is it the way they are photographed?