Thursday, October 1, 2009


Today I took on the task of deep cleaning one of the boys bedroom. The one that houses two messy little boys who are loathe to ever throw anything away.

There are fascinating things in little boy's bedrooms.

Enough rocks to build our own mountain.

A metal lunch box full of teeny tiny little scraps of paper with little boy love notes like "Have I asked you out yet? Yes....No" Or "Dear Kaitlynn, it was me that gave you the rose, I hope you liked it because it took a lot of guts for me to give that to you." (hmmmmm he told me he was taking that rose to school for his teacher.)

About 35 little papers with old, rock hard, pieces of ABC gum.

A shoebox full of all the candy PF has collected over the last year while going without candy.

3,785,248,919 Legos.

273 Matchbox cars.

4,793 dirty socks (No wonder they are always whining that they don't have clean socks, they are all wadded up under their bed.)

I love my boys, they make me grin even as I'm pulling my hair out.

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Julie said...

Oh boy do I know about boys, I have three! And the second one would bring everything he found on the way home from school. I should asked his wife if he brings home stuff from work!!! But I also have a daughter that is the same way!!