Tuesday, December 15, 2009


Why do they never believe me?

I have more of a history with hospitals than I ever wanted to. Before the removal of the evil organ (aka my uterus) I would find myself doubled over, clutching my stomach, and walking into an ER several times a year. I had funky ovaries, the outside skin of them was very thick, so when I made little bubbles containing little eggs to be released once a month...the little bubbles didn't burst. They just grew bigger and bigger until they were anywhere from the size of a lemon, to the size of a grapefruit. At which point, they would break and it would be the equivalent of being hit in the stomach, from the inside, by high speed shrapnel, that is exactly how my doctor put it to me once. Which helped to explain why I could be walking on along then all of the sudden be on my knees fighting to breathe over an intense, gut wrenching pain.

Another note, free fluid in your abdomen is painful.

So anyway, I have spent more than my fair share of time in emergency rooms. And every time I go, they need to start an IV, for pain meds, for blood draws and other various things. I have learned a few things over the course of time and one of them is that my veins SUCK! My blood clots off before they are done drawing blood, or my veings collapse, or they just explode.

Every time I go in to have blood drawn I tell them, right up front, if you want blood out of me, it has to be with a butterfly (tiny) needle, in the back of my hand. EVERY! SINGLE! TIME! they refuse to believe me. They insist on stabbing me over and over and over trying to prove to me that they can do what nobody else can!

Every time I need an IV I tell them, it has to be in the vein on the side of my thumb, they always say "That's a last resort because it's really painful there." Yes, I'm aware, but truly, that's the only place it works.

And EVERY! SINGLE! TIME! They think that they will be the magic one who can make it work. Even with my mom, and my husband, standing there saying "No really, she's right!" But they say "This vein right here is fabulous, I can get it, no problem!"


I think I am just going to refuse to let anyone touch me unless they are the anesthesiologist, or they put the needle where I tell them to!

This is just one of my blown veins from last night, I have four others just like it and guess where I ended up getting my IV? Why, oh why, can't they just believe that I know what I'm talking about? I am so sick of people trying to prove that they are the one in a million who can do what no one else can!


Deb said...

Hi Jeanette, I so know what you mean. Like you I have seen the insides of hospitals more than I care to admit to after having endometriosis. My veins have become really hard to find know, they are running and hiding and the anaesthist who knows me well, said the top of my hand or if desperate between the toes (but I don't admit to that one-yuk and I certainly wouldn't want any old person trying to put it in there.)
It is horrid being covered in bruises from people who don't listen, so frustrating.
hugs Deb

Liz said...

Youch! It took the nurse three tries to get an IV in my son, so I understant where you are coming from. Just put your foot down and DEMAND they do it there. (Though let's pray there is not a next time!)

momofa2e said...

Didn't you know that doctors know everything?

susan said...

i would stand your ground and tell them they arent touching you unless they stick you were you want to be stuck (well you know what i mean). i do have crappy veins, but the odd person can hit one on occasion, but i have had my share of iv's and blood draws in the very same spots. ouch. painful.
sorry you have to go thru that