Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Lost and Found

This is what happens when you start a quilt, out of fabulous 1930's prints, that you have been collecting for over a year, then decide on a whim to move your sewing room across the house. The completed blocks get separated from the fabrics, and you KNOW...you SWEAR that you have some that are done, but they aren't here, and you can't find them anywhere.

So you totally dismantle your sewing room. You take out EVERYTHING, because you just know they have to be here somewhere.

Luckily I found my missing blocks.
And while digging I also found several unfinished Valentine's day projects from last year that would have been so cute to display this year but...Unfortunately I have to put all this crap away before I can do anything with them!

I have a specific drawer for UFO's now and my goal is to start emptying it out.

Man I have a lot of Valentine and Halloween projects that are half done LOL


Julie said...

I'm still missing a box from our move! But I'm happy for you that you have found some good projects to finish.

DottieLou said...

yikes.. good luck

Anonymous said...

I love the look of your sewing room, all that fabric, just waiting for the right project. And while it might seem messy to some, it says to me that you are a very creative person and need things close by because you know you will be using it...............soon.