Wednesday, July 14, 2010

One Flower Wednesday

It's One Flower Wednesday! Horay! I have been working on my grandmother's flower garden for about two months now, and have 112 flowers put together. I am really excited with the progress on this quilt. My goal is to have it done by August of next year. Think I will make it?

I have really enjoyed these. I love hand work, and I love that I can take it outside and sit on the swing while the boys swim in the pool. I can not wait until it's all put together and I can snuggle under it with a book.

Where I have been lately...
Working hard on my out of control back yard
Playing with my kids
Sitting on my swing sewing hexies
Hanging with my mom
Eating icecream with my girlfriends
Visiting family up north
Getting ready for my best friend to visit
Reading a good book
NOT sleeping (In another insomnia cycle...yuck)

I hope you're all having a fabulous summer.


Sue said...

You have quite a lovely stack of hexies going.
I like your goal. I am planning on having mine done before the hard winter hits. Don't know if I'll make it, but at least I'm setting a goal:)

gerda said...

of course you can make it!!;0))
I love your orange shiney...and what a beautiful tower of hexies youve got!!..;0))
have a nice day..

Leanne said...

oh wow 112 - I have just begun.

Jeanette said...

Great looking stack of hexies. i think you'll make you goal. :) Hugs, Jeanette

Laura in IL from 2Peas said...

I don't quilt, I'm just a blog reader from 2Peas, but wanted you to know that I've been missing your blog updates. I love to see what you've created.

Tineke said...

You have made good progress and sure, you will be finished by august next year

Karen said...

I think you will make it! Good for you with 112 already. Great photo of your hexies.

Mrs. JP said...

You will make it by next year. We've got winter season when you can really focus on them.
I hate insomnia bouts. There's nothing like waking up after sleeping two hours and watching my hubby sleep like there's no tomorrow. It's amazing, he can be asleep in less than 5 min. and sleep as long as he wants to!!!

Crafty Robyn said...

That is a good size stack there

dining tables said...

I believe in your ability. I know that you can make it. By the way, I love your orange fabric. Your tower of hexies is very amazing.