Sunday, May 15, 2011

Sure signs of Spring

One of the things I love most about spring is the baby animals.

Our parakeets are joining in this year. I'm not sure what hit them, we have had them for several years, but all of the sudden this year they decided "Hey, let's pro-create!"

It all started with this little dude back in March.

He's all grown up now. He was instantly claimed by PK and named Mickey (Can you tell we had just come back from Disney World? LOL)He is a gorgeous mixture of his parents, green, tempered with soft blue. He's really very pretty.

Sadly our little Mickey is handicapped. He was attacked by the other adult female in the cage (She was removed to another cage). We believe she broke his leg, and it healed incorrectly which leaves him without the use of his right foot. He also has a damaged left wing and is unable to grow flight feathers on that wing which means our little Mickey flies like a rock! He doesn't let it slow him down though and I believe he will live a long and happy life.(If you look closely in the background you can see Hermione's cage inside the birdhouse but we had to take her out because even in a separate cage she would not stop picking on the baby, who with his crippled leg found the top of her cage the easiest place to perch. She would reach through the bars and pull his feathers out, or pick at his little feet. I don't know why she is so mean to him.)

No sooner was little Mickey out of the nest than Stormy laid more eggs. This time around we got not one, but THREE babies! Sadly one of the little ones didn't make it, but we now have Cricket who hatched on 4-28

And Squeak who hatched on 5-01

Squeak is quite the adventurous little chick and has already launched him/herself from the nest and is now hanging out in the bottom of the cage. Luckily we have a very large birdhouse with plenty of room for all the new family members!
Here is a very bad picture of the beautiful cabinet that my husband built to house our little feathered family members.


Apryl said...

Wow, that is AWESOME. Congratulations on your growing bird family. How cool!

DottieLou said...

how fun

MARCIE said...

How fun to have your own little birdies hatching!