Friday, July 29, 2011

New School Year= New Job= New Mug Rug

The reading program that I used to run at the Elementary School has been discontinued due to budget cuts and I was very lucky to find a new position in the office at the Jr. High.

I am so desperately going to miss the kids at my old school. I worked with every single kid in the school, either one on one, or during PLC's where we would do reading in each classroom every Wednesday. It's going to be a big change moving from these little kids, to the big kids in Jr. High (And I mean BIG! Most of them are taller than me LOL).

I'm nervous and excited and ready to go! So I decided to celebrate my new job with a new mug rug for my new desk. I'm looking forward to trying something new, but my heart aches for all the little faces that I have come to know and love at my old school. I worry for the struggling readers, and what is going to happen to them without the one on one help, but I can't afford to work for free and I have to go where the jobs are. I will miss my little ones though!


Stray Stitches said...

Have fun at your new job. Maybe you will see some of those "cute little faces" that you have taught before.

Mrs. JP said...

OH, I like the idea of personalized rugs for our mugs!!!