Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Pretty in Pink

A pretty pink pillow case, with a matching mug rug.

When I saw this fabric, I just had to have it, even if it WAS from Walmart =0P


Stray Stitches said...

What a beautiful color combination! The pillowcase and mug rug are wonderful :)

Mrs. JP said...

That is beautiful. You have no idea how you inspire me. Thanks for the neat idea for my granddaughters room!

Positively Patty said...


I clicked on your blog link off the blogger thread and I have to say I NEED you. You have such talent! Would you please consider joining my Festival of Trees committee? Or doing something for Festival? It isn't hard, you get to do crafts/sewing for a good cause, it brings the Spirit into your life even more and it helps children who really need it. Please consider it. I'll pmail you my phone number in case you don't have it.

Patty - yungmom

DottieLou said...

it is pretty