Monday, July 25, 2011

Pyro Flowers

Have you tried melting polyester yet? If not, get thee to the store and buy some polyester! You are in for loads of fun!

This is the first one I made, there is a tiny tiny bit of a learning curve, but just simple things like "Don't actually stick the fabric IN the flame because polyester is rather flamable!" I got some of these a little close and there are some scorches, but I don't think it's too bad, do you?

This is the second one, note to self, Taffeta doesn't really work very well, and is even MORE flamable! DO NOT go near open flames at the Prom people, you will go up like a Roman candle!

And the last one...all of my fabrics came from Walmart (Except the turquiose, it was left over from 100 years ago when I made one of those fancy schmancy covered binders. Remember those? With the ruched frame on the front and the silk flower? Oy!)The best part is, that they were like $1 a yard, and you don't need anywhere CLOSE to a yard. I think you can easily get a couple of flowers out of an eighth of a yard, so we are talking pennies here!

Just cut a circle out of polyester material, wave it over a candle flame, it melts and curls up, stack them and put a button or a bead and voila! you have a flower! Sorry, I don't really feel like I can make a tutorial for you since it wasn't my original idea, and it makes me crazy when people put a tutorial on their blog for something that they learned from a tutorial on other people's blogs, KWIM? But if you google "Melted fabric flower tutorial" you will come up with a million and one tutorials to choose from! Have fun!


Liz said...

I just bought some last night to do this! I love the turquoise one - it is perfect.

Karen said...

Amazing flowers! I usually do not play with fire, but maybe I will..


Mrs. JP said...

That is just the cutest thing ever. I cracked up at the taffeta comment. I'm still making mug rugs!!