Thursday, July 21, 2011

Trailer Pockets

So, remember last October, when my husband was out of town and on a whim I bought a trailer while he was gone?

We're getting ready for it's maiden voyage! We have been shopping, and preparing, and stocking our little piece of heaven (not) on wheels. I am seriously hoping that camping sucks a little less in a trailer, even if it's only a tiny tent trailer

I had a problem though. Well a couple really.
#1 I'm an insomniac
#2 I like to read myself to sleep
#3 I wear glasses.

No way did I want to get out of bed and freeze my bahookey off to walk across the trailer (Three whole steps, but still) and set my glasses on the counter, because surely getting all cold would just wake me up again right? I needed some way to stash my stuff without having to get out of bed! So I came up with a solution for all my problems!

Trailer pockets!

A cute little spot to store my ipad, glasses, and flashlight! No getting out of bed and freezing bahookies! WOOT!

I bought this cute fabric at Joann's. I wish it came on the big rolls instead of a bolt so I could buy lots of it and recover all the cushions. This is MUCH cuter than the couch fabric. Why do they make trailer upholstery so ugly anyway?


Anonymous said...

Bahookies! I will use that in a sentence every day.

Mrs. JP said...

Hey, you, you keep giving me these great ideas. Just yesterday I finished two sweet rug mugs. Now, I'm gonna have to make some pockets for my chair to hold all my stuff.
And thanks for the laugh. I hope camping sucks less in a trailer. LOL!!! I mean how could it not? You'll be off the ground. That in and of itself is a huge plus. I don't remember you making this brave purchase yourself but I'm so proud of you and sincerely hope that you have a dynamite weekend.

Mrs. JP said...

Correction,,,,what I made were 2 mug rugs!