Saturday, January 21, 2012

What was I thinking?

Well, I didn't feel like I had nearly enough unfinished projects cluttering up my sewing room, so I decided to jump in on a couple of sew alongs.

When Anne from Bunny Hill announced that she was having a Dresden sew along this year, I decided to dig out my old Delilah dresdens that I started clear back in...who knows. I spent two days flipping blades, ironing, and arranging into plate groups, and have started sewing them together. My original plan was to make a quilt for my bed, but now, I am thinking I must be nuts, because I would FREAK OUT every time one of the boys, or the husband, flopped down on my bed. Now maybe I will just hang it on the wall behind my headboard.

Four down, 16 to go! And don't worry, I won't be putting them on fuschia backgrounds! They will be soft and sweet on white backings, hopefully with tiny yellow dots if I can ever find some somewhere other than Joann's!

The other sew along I joined was the Swoon-Along with ImAGingerMonkey. I bought the Swoon pattern, and my fabrics back in June, during the shop hop, but I never started the quilt, this was just the inspiration I needed. I am making my quilt out of a mixture of Sew Cherry, and Cherry Fizz. This quilt is just for me, can you tell =0P

I made my first block last saturday, and it took me literally all day long. I started at about 7:30 AM and finished at about 8:00 PM. Of course I had to take about two hours out of that to run to the quilt shop for replacement fabric that I screwed up which is another adventure all in itself. I had been there the day before and they had a bolt of the yellow check Cherry Fizz on the clearance shelf. It was about half gone, and I thought about buying some more, but didn't. So when I messed up, I really wasn't worried and off to the quilt shop I went. But guess what? The entire bolt, and every last fat quarter was gone! I panicked and asked the girl in the shop if she knew if they had sold it, or if the bold was behind the cutting counter. She checked for me and no bolt. UGH, what was I going to do? Then she said she would check the swatch drawer and see if they had a little piece of it in there and they did! it was a strip about 4" wide! She asked if that was enough and I said yes, I just needed four pieces 3.5" X 6.5"!

So I came home and finished up my block and after spending all day working on it...I didn't like it! I was so bummed! I don't know if it's the red and white dot background, or the fact that there's not enough contrast between the colors, or what it is, I just don't like it. I was really bummed. I posted my obligatory pic on flickr and one of the other Swoon-along participants said the sweetest thing "They can't all be the star, some of them have to be the supporting cast" and instantly I felt so much better! This not so little block is just fine, it will be a sweet back up to a fabulous block!

So check out the links above if you are crazy, like me, and don't feel like you have enough unfinished projects going on =0P


Mrs. JP said...

Oh, I feel your pain. Not enough to have the dark clouds of many WIP's hanging over my head. I join a block of the month and decide I'm going to double it so I end up with something for my bed. I just get stuck when it's time for sashing,,etc.