Friday, March 30, 2012

Hooray for April!

I am so relieved to have this month over with and ready to move on to April, and hopefully a better month! March has SUCKED big rocks and I'm ready to put it behind me!

Top Ten Reason's I Hated March!
#1- We signed papers to build a house, which is a good thing, but we have been running ourselves ragged trying to get everything done in order to start building. It's been exhausting. It took us three solid days at the design center to get everything picked out (Well, almost everything, we're still not done yet!). From carpet to laminate to tile, to cabinets to wall colors blah blah blah, I had no idea there was so much involved! I didn't know you picked door styles and light switch styles and light fixtures and faucets and door many little details. B has been obsessed with the whole process and he has kept me running every second trying to get everything done.

#2 We nearly lost my Grandma.
It makes me shiver to even say it. My Grandma has breast cancer which has turned into very aggressive skin cancer. She has to have radiation every single day and has been doing it for months and months on end. Add chemo on top of that. She has to be exhausted! Then she got sick. They took her to the hospital because she was in so much pain and found out she had E-Coli and pneumonia! She also had a heart episode while she was there and I think all of us were pretty scared (Certain?) that she wouldn't be pulling through this. But my grandma...she's one tough bird! She's on the mend and doing better.

#3- My mom got Pneumonia
While taking care of my grandma, she was trying to force feed her (Because gma was refusing to eat!) and gma kept saying she didn't like it, it didn't taste good! So, my mom...tasted it! Next thing you know, she's really sick! I told her to tell the doctor that she had been taking care of my gma who had pneumonia and he said "The only way you could catch bacterial pneumonia is if you ate off her spoon or something..." Mom gave him a sheepish look and said "Well..." and sure enough, she had pneumonia!

#4- While my grandma was scaring the crap out of us in the hospital, my Uncle Reed passed away from Brain cancer. I am so sad that I didn't get to see him before he died =0( I came home for about two days then turned around and went back to Logan for his funeral, which was really touching, and beautiful. He was a great man, and I am grateful to have had him in my life.

#5- There was a helicopter flying over during Uncle Reed's funeral which of course triggered my PTSD and in an attempt to keep myself under control and not freak out and run away, I scratched huge gouges in the back of my hand with my fingernails =0( They have been surprisingly painful!

#6- I missed the twins 13th birthday to be at the hospital with my gma =0( Their birthday really sucked this year...sorry guys.

#7- Something was wrong with the front end of our new car, our new tires wore completely bald in the five months we have owned the car. Was almost $800 to have it fixed and put new tires on the car.

#8- End of term at school, which equals our busy season. Exhaustion, both physical and emotion, equals mental break down. I swear my brain has gone missing, I have made stupid mistakes at work and my poor boss is probably about ready to kill me. Lucky for me she has the patience of a Saint and just says "It's ok, we'll fix it" every time I screw up *Sigh* I feel stupid and worthless and I am so glad she isn't the type of boss who gets mad and yells at me, I'm really lucky to have her.

#9- PK had an accident and hurt his arm, his hip, and his thigh. We took him to the hospital and the doctor said the arm was damaged too badly to stitch it, or do anything with it, and we would have to watch and see. Our biggest enemy would be infection which means that I am cleaning and debrieding his arm all day which equals lots of pain for him! He's going to have some pretty gnarly scars, but it looks like he's going to heal ok, no skin grafts! And his arm isn't broken! So that's the good news in all of this. Now if we can just get him through the painful part...

#10- I was late on a swap, like REALLY late, and I hate that! There is nothing I hate worse than being late for anything. Well, ok, there are things I hate worse, but being late is a HUGE pet peeve of mine! I think it shows a lack of respect and I feel bad that my partner is having to wait. It has been mailed, but hasn't arrived yet. I hope it gets there soon, and I am really sorry to my partners who had to either wait for their quilt, or wait for an acknowledgement of the one I received!

So yeah, March sucked, bring on April, and PLEASE let April be better!


Karen said...

Oh dear! You certainly did have a bad month. I hope and pray things settle down in your life and that April and the months following, will be great.

Yes, building a home is a very busy time...yes, you do have to make many, many choices, but in the end, it will be worth it.

I hope your grandmother is doing better and also, your Mom. I'm an 11 year survival of breast cancer and know personally how difficult it can be for the family.

Take care!