Monday, March 17, 2014

15 years

I can't believe that today is the day my babies turn 15. Time goes so quickly.

They talk about driving and girls, and who is tallest.

They play airsoft war, and capture the flag, and basketball.

They registered for high school and talk about where they want to work.

They talk about college and where they want to live when they move out.

They talk about girls, and whether they want kids when they're married.

I see them lying in isolettes covered in monitors and machines.

I see them coming home from the hospital and sleeping in the same crib.

I see them taking their first steps and saying their first words.

I see them climbing up the bus steps that are almost as tall as they are.

I see them graduating from Kindergarten and acting in their grade school play.

I see them crying over their first broken heart and peeking at a new cute girl.

I see them with their big feet and hear their cracking voices.

I see my tiny babies in the bodies of men.

I hold my breath and hope it freezes time.

I watch them blow out their candles and think of how few of these moments I have left.

I see their tiny feathers sprout and dread them turning into wings.

I see the clock ticking and count the moments until my babies leave me.

When you are a mother. Birthday's suck!


Mrs. JP said...

until your a grandma and then birthdays become really cool again. It's the circle of life sweetie pie.

Liz said...

Beautifully put.