Friday, February 29, 2008

It's a secret, and I'm not tellin'!

No, I am not telling, because it's a contest, and I don't want you to know!

Because if I don't tell you, you can't enter.

And if you can't enter, that is one less person who enters.

And if one less person enters, then the list is shorter.

And if the list is shorter, I may have some chance on this green (or white apparently) earth of actually winning something for once in my life.

I never win anything.


So that is why I am not telling you that my new favorite fabric site, that I blogged about the other day, the one with the great customer service and the really fun owner, yeah that one, I'm not telling you that she is having a contest on her blog.

She is giving away this incredible stash of bias tape and ruffle rac. And maybe even this totally amazingly cute apron. But I'm not going to tell you.

Because if I do, you will go see her blog, and you will drool over her gorgeous prizes, and you will feel compelled to enter the contest.

So nope, not telling, don't even ask.

But hey, go to her store and buy something because the good ones need support so they can stick around!


Robyn said...

You are totally cute. May I please have an ounce of your creativity or talent?